Acupuncture SEO

How would you like to increase your website traffic by over 200% the smart way?

Search Engine Optimization can bring hundreds of  prospective customers to your website that are actually looking to receive your services with very little work on your part.

Acupuncture SEO
Having an acupuncture website is only the first step in building your acupuncture online presence.  Next, you need to promote and market your website to people who need your services. It is exactly the same as promoting your acupuncture practice in the real world.

Just because you build it, doesn’t mean people will come.

But promotion is hard.. Especially when you are trying to run an acupuncture practice.

Promotion Costs You Time From Your Acupuncture Clinic

Both standard online and offline marketing takes a lot of time to build. You have to get in front of people’s faces and say, “Hey, I practice here and I can help you with this problem.” You can quickly do this with your friends and family but how do you get your message in front of hundreds of people in your area?

You could do TV commercials.. but the price of such marketing is outrageous

and how do you know if the people watching actually are interested in your services?

Most marketing consists of spinning in circles trying to hit a pinata blindfolded. You just hope to hit it at the right moment for the candy rush to pour out on the floor.

Standard Marketing & Promotion Doesn’t Guarantee You Anything But Can Cost You Everything

Our acupuncture SEO services can take your website and your acupuncture practice to an entirely new level.  As I’m sure you know, yellow pages advertising is dead.  The majority of people looking for local acupuncture services are going to the search engines and typing in what they are looking for.  If your acupuncture website doesn’t show up in the top 4 entries of the first page then you are missing out.  80% of all search engine traffic goes to the top for results on any search.  Let us help you get there.

Our acupuncture SEO services help improve your overall search engine ranking.  It is a know fact that your search engine results are based around 30% on what is on your website (content, links, title tags, etc) and 70% on off-site content such as how many people link to your site, the quality of those links, social media mentions, etc.  We are experts at building quality links that will get your website notice and ultimately generate more income for your acupuncture practice.

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